Character Creation

1) Ability Scores

First off, you need to roll your ability scores. Descriptions of ability scores can be found here. Ability modifiers can be calculated using this formula. To determine your ability scores, roll 4d6, drop the lowest number, and repeat that 7 times. Then arrange the numbers however you wish to your ability scores.

2) Race

Next step is to select a race. Select one of the races found here. Be sure to make the appropriate ability score changes and write down any special abilities you may have.

3) Traits

A character may choose up to 2 (3 if Human) traits. Traits may alter different aspects of a character’s stats. They provide both a bonus and a penalty. Traits may be found here.

4) Occupation

An occupation is just that. It just a job, a profession. Perhaps something the character was raised into. It is a background choice that gives the character access to, or bonuses to, skills and/or perks. A list of Occupations can be found here.

5) Skills

Determine the number of skill points your character gets per Level up based on 10 basis skill points and a bonus of 3x INT ability modifier + LUC ability modifier. To determine your skill take 15 + the corresponding Special Attribute ×3 + LUC ability modifier. Skills can be found here.

6) Perks

A character begins play with 1 Perk. The character may also gain perks from occupation, and/or race. Perks give you bonuses or otherwise good effects. Perks can be found here.

7) Levelling Up

At each new level, a character increases in power. At every level up, a character must roll their hit die plus their Endurance modifier and add the result to their hit point; next they must spend their skill points and at every level the player must select a Perk. Every 4 levels(4, 8, 12, 16, 20), a character can increase one ability score by 1 point.

Character Creation

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