Ability scores

Every Character is Special:

S – Strength (STR)
P – Perception (PER)
E – Endurance (END)
C – Charisma (CHA)
I – Intelligence (INT)
A – Agility (AGI)
L – Luck (LUC)

The Score of these Abilities ranges from 0 to infinity. A limit, if any, will be specified in the rules. The normal human range is 3 to 18.

A character with a END of 0 is dead. A “0” in any other score means the character is helpless and cannot move.

Keeping track of negative ability score points is never necessary. A character’s ability score can’t drop below 0.

Ability Modifiers

Each ability will have a modifier. The modifier can be calculated using this formula:

Description of Ability Scores

Any creature that can physically manipulate other objects has at least 1 point of Strength.

A creature with no Strength score can’t exert force, usually because it has no physical body or because it doesn’t move. The creature automatically fails Strength checks. If the creature can attack, it applies its Agility modifier to its base attack instead of a Strength modifier.

Any creature that can perceive its environment in any fashion has at least 1 point of Perception.

Anything with no Perception score is an object, not a creature. Anything without a Perception score also has no Charisma score.

If a character’s Endurance changes enough to alter his or her Endurance modifier, his or her hit points also increase or decrease accordingly at the same time.

Any living creature has at least 1 point of Endurance.

A creature with no Endurance has no body or no metabolism. The creature is also immune to ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, and massive damage, and always fails Endurance checks.

Any creature capable of telling the difference between itself and things that are not itself has at least 1 point of Charisma.

Any creature that can think, learn, or remember has at least 1 point of Intelligence.

A creature with no Intelligence score is an automaton, operating on simple instincts or programmed instructions. It automatically fails Intelligence checks.

Any creature that can move has at least 1 point of Agility.

A creature with no Agility score can’t move. If it can act, it applies its Intelligence modifier to initiative checks instead of a Agility modifier. The creature fails Agility checks.

Luck influences everything in some sort. Any creature has at least 1 point of Luck.

Changing Ability Scores

Ability scores can increase with no limit.

Poisons, diseases, and other effects can cause temporary ability damage. Ability points lost to damage return naturally, typically at a rate of 1 point per day for each affected ability.

When an ability score changes, the modifier associated with that score also changes.

Ability scores

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